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Proud Member of Union 20

This month Romines would like to highlight what being part of Union 20 brings to you. As part of Union 20 we are provided with an amazing opportunity to well-trained individuals working on all of our projects. We pride ourselves and are happy to be part of what Union 20 has to offer and bring to us as an organization. 

Specialty Works

Let us tell you a little bit about some of our specialty projects and abilities we pride ourselves at Romines. Not only can we create custom fabrications for industrial work, but as well as custom fabrications for artwork and sculptures. We also pride ourselves in being able to do the design 100% in house from start to finish. This is also why being part of the Union 20 is something we are proud of because it has given us the skilled and well trained individuals to be able to accomplish something not everyone can provide.

For more information in regards to specialty projects and services please see the links listed below:

Metal FAB
Romines Portfolio 
Specialty Work

"Metal Works for You"

More About Romines!
Historical Society Project

This chandelier was design and fabricated for the historical society. We are proud to support organizations such as the Historical Society and their projects.

Specialty Work

Specialty Sculpture Project

Here is one of our many specialty sculpture pieces that we have done.