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There are multiple processes and steps we take between receiving a design from a client and sending that part to production. The first step is identifying key costs that may not be necessary to help meet the overall requirements. When our quoting department receives the initial designs they must make a decision on the most efficient way to create the part. With our many years of experience, our quoting department and engineers are able to take designs given to them and make suggestions on how to optimize it for a production run. We make sure that all processes are taken into account and our experience is used to produce successful prototype runs for our customers. This is especially crucial for companies looking to launch a new product outside of their normal market. Without explicit experience in the field it is difficult to know how to produce the best product without unnecessary cost.

We have helped many clients cut costs or improve their products by switching materials or changing the finished used on the final product. The experience of our engineers and technicians will help make certain your design fits all the environmental requirements of the application, instead of just hitting the expected needs prior to the process of prototyping the sheet metal.